Consumer Unit Upgrades throughout Devon

Consumer Unit Upgrades throughout Devon

At Theo Webster Electrical Services, we cover all bases when it comes down to electrics, and offer our first-class consumer unit upgrade services to the domestic and commercial property owners throughout Devon.

With most properties being filled with a multitude of electrical appliances, devices, features and aspects, the potential for an electrical overload occurring is ever present. With this, consumer units are imperative in all properties to ensure this does not occur.

Consumer units act as a buffer between all electrical aspects, and in the event of an electrical overload, the electricity throughout the property will turn off. This will prevent major issues from arising such as electrical damages or even electrical fires.

With the importance of consumer units, it is essential all units are maintained in a good, safe condition at all times to ensure they are able to do their job to their fullest potential. Therefore, undergoing an upgrade/replacement service every ten years is advised. At Theo Webster Electrical Services, it is our job to assist all property owners in the area with their consumer unit upgrades to ensure the chances of major issues occurring as the result of an electrical overload are kept to an absolute minimum.

If you find yourself in need of a trustworthy electrician in the Devon area, to carry out your consumer unit replacement, give our team at Theo Webster Electrical Services a call on 07971816475. During the call, we can provide you with a no-obligation quote for your consumer unit upgrade service, and arrange a call out at a convenient time for you.

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